Performance Philosophy

At MindMuscle Sport Performance Consulting, we embrace a 100% Performance Philosophy®. We believe that peak performance is achieved through a mindful and systematic approach to physical and mental conditioning.

Mental Conditioning. Athletes in every sport and at every ability level can enhance performance and enjoyment in their sport by attending to their mental game. Disciplined athletes devote time and energy to the physical and technical demands of their sport (strength training, cardio conditioning, tactical planning, training logs, nutrition plans). Many athletes are missing a critical component in their training regimen - the psychological skills and techniques required for a successful performance. The body may be strong and ready to go, but if the mind is unconditioned, peak performance will not be achieved.

Mental toughness, like physical conditioning, is achieved through a systematic and consistent practice of specific skills and strategies. The confident, relaxed, focused athlete is more likely to execute at an optimal level come show time. To compete at that level, one must train at that level, physically and mentally.

Physical Conditioning. Triathlon is a physically and mentally demanding (and rewarding) sport. To continually improve performance, the multi-sport athlete requires a structured and periodized training program that supports peak performance in swimming, cycling, and running. It can be frustrating and time consuming trying to create such a training program yourself.

Novice and experienced triathletes gain the following benefits from working with a USAT Coach: improved endurance, speed, and power; reduced number of injuries; enhanced enjoyment in the sport; reduced boredom with routine workouts; and connection with a community of supportive triathletes.

MindMuscle Sport Performance Consulting can help you to acquire or sharpen the skills needed to take your performance to the next level. Contact Donna for more information.

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