• I worked with Dr. Marzo on my concentration skills and pre-shot routine. I feel a lot more confident and relaxed now standing over a key putt or stepping up to the tee. It has definitely helped me to compete at a higher level and enjoy the game more. (Amateur Golfer)
  • As a distance runner, it's a tricky thing maintaining your concentration for 26.2 miles. Dr. Marzo taught me when and how I needed to focus more in the present and when I could relax a bit and just run. Sounds simple, but being conscious and in control of your intensity and concentration is harder than you think! Thanks to you, Doc, I now know when to use my narrow focus and when to zoom it out! It has certainly made the later miles more enjoyable and I'm happy to say, faster. (Age Group Marathoner)
  • I finally understand how relaxed can equal faster and stronger. It's amazing to me how I was getting in my own way and wasting precious energy. Thanks for teaching me how to focus my energy and unleash it at the right times. Once I started practicing those mental skills the way I practice the physical ones, my performance improved significantly. (Age Group Triathlete )
  • Doc taught me to how to get my mental game under control… now my practice and my play is more intense and consistent. My once inconsistent killer serve is now a reliable secret weapon. You rock Doc! (NCAA Div. I Tennis Player)
  • Honestly, I really didn't know much about sport psychology, I wasn't sure if it was for me. I had been a fairly confident runner and cyclist and decided to consider competing in a triathlon. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to swim! After taking lessons at my local Y, I was happy to finally learn how to swim, yet I still struggled with my fears when left in the deep end of the pool and the thought of open water really freaked me out! Convinced I could never compete in a triathlon I was ready to give up. Then a good friend recommended that I try a sport psychologist. I thought, no way - I am not crazy and I don't need a shrink! Then my friend explained that Dr. Marzo specialized in sport performance skills and that she might be able to help me accomplish my goal and build my confidence so that I could get through the swim. Well, she did that and more. Not only did she help me get control of my anxiety about the open water swim, she taught me techniques that improved both my running and biking which went a long way on race day. I can't thank her enough and I am not sure how I would have made it without her working with me. Afraid of open water no more! (New Triathlete)

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