The MindMuscle 100% Performance Philosophy® contends that peak performance is achieved through a mindful and systematic approach to physical and mental conditioning. Each athlete possesses unique strengths, limitations, and needs - both physical and psychological. The role of a sport performance consultant (whether a sport psychologist or a coach) is to assist the athlete in identifying these areas and to create a specific training program that addresses them - making strengths stronger and limitations less limiting.

Mental Skills Training (MST) focuses on sharpening the performance-relevant psychological skills of the athlete or the athlete's mental toughness. The Consultant works with the athlete to identify specific strategies and techniques to develop or strengthen based on their performance goals.

Triathlon Coaching focuses on creating a training program that will promote stronger, faster, injury free, and more efficient training and racing. The Coach works with the athlete to build an individualized plan that will address strengths and limitations in swimming, cycling, running, and racing.

Some athletes choose to solely focus on either their physical or their mental conditioning, while other athletes choose a more comprehensive approach that addresses both their physical game and their mental game.

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