UPCOMING CLINICS               

Do you want to
run longer, stronger, and with fewer injuries?  If so, this 90-minute clinic is for you because its goal is to help athletes improve their stride by focusing on fundamental running mechanics.  The clinic will cover:  how to do a proper dynamic warm-up, fundamental running mechanics, targeted running drills, a post-run stretching protocol, and visualization techniques for runners.

Does your swim stroke need a tune-up before the triathlon season starts or before you compete in your A race?  Join fellow triathletes in this 90-minute clinic that reviews the key elements of an efficient and consistent swim stroke.  This refresher will take athletes through: a review of sound swim stroke mechanics, practice of targeted drills, drills for pacing and intensity regulation, review of open water strategies and in-water starts, and visualization exercises for race day. 

This is a clinic series that will address a variety of techniques and strategies for enhancing critical mental skills necessary for training and racing success.  Potential topics include:

#1 - Visualization
Visualization is the number one mental skill consistently used by successful athletes.  This clinic will teach you the keys for creating powerful and effective images that can be used in a variety of training and racing situations.

#2 - Energy Management
Endurance athletes need to efficiently manage both physical and mental energy during training and competition.  This clinic will teach athletes how to identify their unique and optimal zones of energy expenditure, relaxation techniques, and how to manage discomfort/fatigue/pain.

#3 - Pre-race Routines
Each athlete benefits from having their own individual pre-race routine.  This clinic will help athletes to determine and create their pre-race routine and learn how to harness precious energy prior to the start of a race.

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A note about MindMuscle clinics and workshops

MindMuscle Performance Coaching offers a variety of clinics and workshops on a wide range of topics.  All presentations are intended to provide participants with information and techniques for enhancing performance and enjoyment in sport.  Workshops can address general themes or specific skills and strategies.  Workshops are offered in one hour, 90-minute, half-day, and full day formats.  Fees vary depending on the size and nature of your group and workshop location.  Presentations can also be tailored to meet the specific needs or goals of interested groups.  Performance workshops are an effective tool for energizing your group and serve as an assertive step in taking your performance to the next level. 

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