Finally Fit

This is a workshop intended for individuals who are serious about wanting to start an exercise and healthy habits lifestyle program. Participants will be guided through an assessment and planning process leading to the creation of an Individual Plan of Action. Issues addressed will include: readiness to change, motivation, goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, and strategies for exercise initiation and maintenance. One size does not fit all and this workshop will help you to develop an exercise plan that works for you.

Fit Families

Research has shown that children learn about nutrition and exercise habits from their parents and families. Fit Families is a workshop that teaches families how to bring physical activity and healthy nutrition into their daily lives. Each participating family will complete a family fitness assessment leading to the creation of a Fit Family Game Plan.

The Psychology of Personal Training

This interactive workshop is intended for professional personal trainers and covers four key areas: Working with Client Resistance, Trainer-Client Relationship Dynamics, Food Issues, and Body Image Issues. Trainers will be taught how to use a two-tiered approach to their work in terms of prevention and intervention. Participants will leave the workshop with techniques and strategies for addressing these four challenging areas of Personal Training.

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